Help! I’m new to cycling!

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What is a cycling class and why should I do it?

Cycling burns major calories, builds large muscle groups, and strengthens your cardio endurance. Big time. Even better, the low-impact workout keeps your joints happy and healthy. With the music-driven workout, and constant changing of positions, gears, and speeds, you will barely even notice how much you’re actually working because you’ll be having so much FUN. Okay, maybe you notice that you’re working…but at least you’ll also be having fun!!

What if I feel like I can’t handle the class?

Don’t worry about that! This is YOUR RIDE and your ride only. You can’t go as fast as the instructor guides you? It’s good. Go as fast as YOU can. Not up for standing on the bike? No biggie, stay seated and add some resistance. YOU do what YOU need to do! Overwhelmed? Out of breath? Take a break. In fact, get off of your bike, go through the door to the bathrooms, get some water, and regroup. No one will think twice. Just need to slow down? Cool. Drink some water and take off some resistance so that you are pedaling slower, and at a lighter resistance. When you’re feeling stronger, jump back into what the class is doing, at your own pace. You can take breaks whenever you need, and for as long as you need. We want you to work hard, but we also want you to feel safe and to honor your own limits. This is a judgment -free zone. No one is monitoring your progress. Everyone is simply cheering for you to do YOUR best and meet YOUR goals.

Do I have to buy special gear to cycle?

Nope! You need comfortable workout clothes and water. Sweat towels are provided here for you at no charge. However, special cycle shoes are recommended when you’re ready to kick it up a notch (IF you want). Cycling shoes have a hard soles and they allow you to clip into the bike pedals so your feet do not move around as much. They make you feel more secure and connected to your bike so that you can focus your attention on more important things! You can rent your shoes at Torque Cycling or buy your own. If you buy your own, make sure you buy SPD clips for them so they work correctly with our bikes!

Will the seat hurt my *^%*?

As with any new exercise or workout, there is a chance you might be sore the first couple of times. But your body adjusts quickly! Additionally, we have a few gel seat covers available for those who want them, and they oftentimes ease the transition to your new seat-based workout. Almost everyone who cycles with Torque will tell you that any short stint of soreness is trumped by the incredible 400+ calorie workouts that build muscle and cardio endurance. And after a few workouts…no more seat-induced soreness!

Still hesitant?

You’ll always be hesitant until you try it. Come early, talk to anyone at the gym, or talk to your instructor and they will make sure you’re more comfortable with the bike and the ride. Want a recommendation of who might be the best instructor for you? Or what the best class might be? Ask the crew at the front desk! They’re happy to help guide you based upon your questions and style preferences. Your instructor will make sure to get your bike fitting perfectly to you so that you’re comfortable on your bike and will answer any questions you have.


Check out our page on cycling lingo and proper form! 


Reserve Your Bike at the Next Torque 101 HERE!