Eric at one of his favorite places: on the keys


Eric Loehr, cycling instructor

I made my way onto a bike through music. I am a musician first – driven, inspired and empowered by melody and lyrics.

In middle and high school, I struggled with my weight and looks in comparison to others in my class. In college, I found a semblance of joy in running and began to feel better about myself. 

It wasn’t until I moved to New York and began working at a cycling studio that I truly discovered two key pillars to my fitness and greater life journey – moving to music and connecting with other human beings in a room.

With this in mind, I let go of nasty looks at my reflection or judgements of myself. While focusing on the work and having more fun, life is more fulfilling. Some say exercising is the time to tune out their deepest worries or stresses. I disagree. For these minutes on the bike, let’s face them head on – together. There are other people in the room riding with you. 

Eric's introduction to cycling in New York!

Eric’s introduction to cycling in New York!

Our mission goes beyond burning calories. This class combines my musical degrees with my passion to connect with others through the work we accomplish in the room together. My classes are set to a very specific playlist that takes you through numerous drills while every pedal stroke moves to the beat of the music. Every class will incorporate a new playlist of music to keep us inspired to push harder. I look forward to setting intentions and exceeding expectations together.

A great pair!

Eric and Aaron — a great pair!